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Media Operations

Providing websites and apps offering various information useful to versatile lifestyles

To gather information useful to people's lives:

Apps for iPhones/Android devices:

Now apps for smartphones play the key role in media. GMO TECH offers apps to provide various information useful for versatile lifestyles for seeking part-time jobs and foodie destinations, among others.

Chocobat Stadium

Chocobat Stadium: Road to a Homerun Champion

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Part-time Now!

Part-time Now!: Portal for Part-time Jobs and Seasonal Employment

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Gourmet Review

Gourmet Review: Foodie App with Value for Coupons

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Used Car Now!

Used Car Now!: Used Car Information App

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GMO TECH offers websites to provide information useful to people's lives to search for the latest information on part-time jobs, used cars or others

Used Car Now!

Part-time Now!