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O2O Marketing

Guiding users acquired through the Internet to real retail stores or facilities

To guide and gather more customers:

GMO AppCapsule


This service offers store operators that they make and manage apps of their stores easily on iPhones and Android devices with low cost in a short period of time. This employs the features specific to apps like deliveries of push notifications and those related to geographical locations, and works as well as a CRM tool to manage users' information and their attributes by stamp card, coupon, or survey function.

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This advanced service of GMO AppCapsule employs extended features to help clients create their apps one-of-a-kind by putting additional functions or developing links with internal/external systems. This service also includes rank-up cards, multi-language developments, user roles, editable homepage designs, and personalized homepage designs by user, all of which are specific to this upgraded version.

Service site