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Message from the President to Investors

Internet marketing company to continuously provide services indispensable to the world people

Since its inception in December 2006, our company has consistently provide user acquisition services on the Internet. We were mainly engaged in search engine optimizations on PCs at the start when there were no smartphones. Then we started our ad network services on smartphones called "GMO SmaAD," foreseeing that information gathering on smartphones should be prevailing instead of that on PCs.

In 2014 we also started our ASP services called "GMO AppCapsule" for store operators. This new business help them make their apps easily and was aimed in the expectation that they were going to have their own smartphone apps, after websites for PCs in 1995 and those for smartphones in early 2000. We have always conducted developments by ourselves on user acquisition and marketing services via the Internet with a view a little ahead of the times. Our mission is to provide technological solutions with foresight and speed that are crucial to our business domain.

Best company in Japan as a specialist for user acquisitions on smartphones

In the coming years our company aims to be the best company as a user acquisition expert well known in Japan through the services of GMO SmaAD from 2011 and GMO AppCapsule from 2014. We will conduct investments proactively to realize this goal. In addition, we will expand overseas businesses based on the GMO SmaAD services to reach markets outside Japan whose population is getting to decrease.

Our mission is to provide clients with the services that respond to swift changes in needs and rapid progress in technologies. Let me ask for your understanding and continuous support to our company.

Akito Suzuki
President and CEO