O2O Marketing

Bring online users, your potential customers, to your store/facility via smartphone app

Easy Envelopment of O2O Application.
GMO AppCapsule

The service to easily develop and manage your original app.
In short period and low cost, you can create your app for iPhone and Android.
You can use not only push notification and geofencing notification, as the strengths of application, but also your app as a CRM tool to manage your customer information and attributes through stamp card, coupon, and questionnaire.

  • Improve User Satisfaction
    Customer's satisfaction increases through providing valuable coupons and stamp card, dispatching optimal information for each segment of users, and unifying all information in app as your media portal app.

  • Obtain Loyal Customers and Boost Sales
    Real time delivery of information, geofencing notification, and setting measures depending on the frequency of visiting together result in increasing loyal customers and your sales.

  • Manage User Information
    Centralized management of user information such as user attributes and activity history.

The Advanced App Building Platform
GMO AppCapsulePRO

Most flexible development of app is possible by adding your original function integrated with internal and external systems.
Ranking users function, multi-language function, user role function, and flexible layout of home screen, and switching home screen for different users are all default functions that are exclusive feature of PRO.

  • Special Customization
    Adding on-demand function, flexibility of layout in each screen, availability of original function integrated with customer's existing and external systems.

  • Expansion with Multiple APIs
    Using API for reference and renewal of user information can reduce workload and realize automation.

  • Exclusive Server
    Improve security and stability of operation under heavy traffic on network with the exclusive server for AppCapsule PRO.

  • Detailed Analyses
    Basic analysis on the number of downloads and users and the history of coupon usage from management screen and more detailed analysis through integration with external tools including viewers for each contents, duration of stay, and region.

GMO Electronic Money Creation Service

GMO electronic money creation service can be installed in stores or as a smartphone application to help encourage customers to come back. Using blockchain technology,
it makes the entire process from the issuance of unique electronic money to payment of charges at the store via application inexpensive and simple.

GMO Electronic Money Creation Service
  • Easier adoption of electronic money thanks to blockchain technology
    Blockchain technology is used for the issuance of electronic money as well as payment processing at the store.
    Specialized systems or equipment such as card readers are not required, making it easy for stores to introduce their own unique electronic money.

  • Smart charging/payment process with smartphone application and in-store tablet
    The simple charging/payment process takes place in real time using a smartphone application for users and a tablet application for store staff.
    Additionally, the processing fees are inexpensive compared to credit card fees.

  • Utilize data to encourage customers to come back
    You can check each customer’s charge history and payment information at any time from the management screen,
    and this data can be used for marketing and promotional purposes.