We run a media where influencers and advertisers can deliver the profile and unique sales points of them & influencer marketing job offerings info as their own contents.


“1-chan” is a platform where all influencers pursue “interestingness” under their own view, seek to create influential media that its users enjoy, and have further opportunity for activity/work.

  • Followers: Enjoy contents & unique value created by influencers
    Followers (fans) can enjoy 1-chan exclusive, 100% original contents based on influencers’ experience and views that cannot be accessible only by following influencer’s social media account.
  • Influencers: 100% original contents planned/created by themselves
    Influencers can plan and create their own contents here that entertains their followers. Our editorial department professionals supports their activities and hence influencers without any content-writing experience in media can participate in 1-chan platform.
  • Advertisers: Assign influencers with suitable contents
    We accept the request from businesses for their influencer marketing and promotion via influencer(s) writing contents in 1-chan. Based on 100% original contents in our platform, advertisers can easily find the most suitable influencers to accelerate their influencer marketing.