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Online Advertising

Maximizing conversions based on various proposals on clients' websites

To put ads on search network:

Listing ads

This service offers targetings on keywords that would otherwise be difficult to use by linking your listing ads to searches on Yahoo! and Google.

To gain users' repeated views:

Retargeting ads

This service offers promotions to prompt users who have already been to your site to come back through various media. This helps clients reach a wider range of users to perform effective user acquisitions by combining these ads with other strategies like listing ads.

To deliver ads on SNS:

Social ads

This service offers ad deliveries on SNSs like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This helps clients classify users by sex, interest or another using on user data to realize more precise targeting. Delivery on timelines are also available in the same format as ordinary postings.

To gather more traffic on ad network:

Ad network ads

This system offers multiple ad deliveries to several media (websites, social media, blogs, and others) based on the preset ad delivery network. This helps clients acquire more traffic and increase ad effectiveness through precise segmentations by time, day or area.

To put ads more effectively by focusing attributes:

Display ads (GDN/YDN)

This service offers delivery of the most suitable ads to the most prospective audience by defining clients' promotional targets. This helps clients perform effective user acquisitions by providing clients with the best means by DSP or GDN/YDN.

To maximize ad effectiveness for advertisers:

DSP ads

This service optimizes ad effectiveness through cross-sectoral deliveries by multiple ad networks, Ad Exchange or SSP.

To maximize subscriptions from job-seekers

Indeed ads

This service offers ad deliveries on the job search engine Indeed which enable user acquisitions and maximize subscriptions on job portals or proprietary websites for their job opportunities with low-cost.
GMO TECH conducts the best practice at ad deliveries with ample knowledge and expertise as an official agent of Indeed.