Regarding Personal Information

Name of Business Operator


Person to Protect Personal Information

Akito Suzuki
Contact: +81-3-5489-6370 (10:00 - 19:00 (weekdays only))

Purpose of Use of Personal Information Obtained Other than in Writings Directly from Party

  • Contracted businesses on user acquisitions via PCs, mobile devices and smartphone websites (To be non-disclosed)
  • Personal information of applicants who subscribe to job opportunities obtained through staff agencies or job portals (To be non-disclosed)

Purpose of Use of Personal Information to be Disclosed

  • Inquiries from clients and customers
  • Information regarding products and services provided
  • Delivery of services to clients and customers
  • Job opportunities
  • Human resource and labor management

Outsourcing of Handling of Personal Information

GMO TECH, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") may outsource its handling of personal information held by the Company to other institutions.
However, the Company carefully selects the institution that fully satisfies the criteria for personal information protection and guarantees its protection level by contracts and other measures beforehand.

Acquisition of Personal Information in a Manner Hardly Noticeable to Site Visitors

The Company shall appropriately acquire information, log data, etc. that are collectively called as cookie to recognize site visitors.
Cookie is widely used to provide site visitors with useful functions. Cookie helps us identify the computer used for the visit to our website, but does not help us identify the person who visited our website.
The Company may also acquire and use the personal information that is partially input and recorded to be found incomplete in the webform according to its Policy for Protection the Personal Information.

Procedures to Request Disclosures, etc.

The Company stipulates the procedures of notification of the purpose of the use, disclosure, correction, amendment, addition, deletion, cancellation of the use, elimination, or provision to the third party, of the personal information to be disclosed obtained by the Company (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Request for Disclosure, etc."), as follows.

1. Contact for Request for Disclosure, etc.

The Request for Disclosure, etc. shall be made by mailing of the prescribed form with the other documents required. The mailing shall be made by a registered letter. The prescribed form is available here for downloads.
Writing "REQUEST REGARDING PERSONAL INFORMATION ENCLOSED" in red on the envelope is also kindly requested.

2. Form for Request for Disclosure, etc.

Mailing of the form of Request for Disclosure, etc. of personal information shall be requested after all the matters required are filled to request for disclosures.

3. Identification of Party

The Company conducts a verification by telephone to identify the party. In case the verification does not take effect, the Company may request the presentation of a photocopy of driver's license, resident's card or health insurance card, etc.

4. Request for Disclosure, etc. by Attorney

Where the party mandates his/her "Request for Disclosure, etc. to an attorney, the attorney shall enclose the documents stipulated below as well as the form of Request for Disclosure, etc."

1) Document to identify his/her attorney (photocopy thereof)
Driver's license, copy of resident's card or health insurance card, etc. Note: Please paint black the writing of legal domicile on the photocopy.

2) Power of attorney
The power of attorney shall be sealed by the mandator attached with the relevant seal registration certificate. In case that the attorney is the statutory agent of the mandator as parental authority or other, the document shall be replaceable with a copy of the family register (simplified form also available) or a copy of the resident's card of the attorney that clearly demonstrates the relationship between the attorney and the mandator.

5. Charges for Request of Disclosure or Notification of Purpose of Use

500 yen (inclusive of taxes) shall be charged for each request for the disclosure or notification of the purpose of the use of personal information. A postal money order worth 500 yen shall be enclosed in the envelope for the documents to be submitted. When the money order fails to reach the stipulated amount or there were no orders enclosed, the Company shall deal with the case that there were no requests thereof.

6. Answer to Request for Disclosure

The Company shall answer to the Request for Disclosure in writings and send the document to the address described on the Request for Disclosure, etc.

7. Non-disclosure of Personal Information

The Company shall not disclose personal information claimed by the Request to Disclosure, etc. in the cases described below. The reason for non-disclosure shall be attached by the Company. The prescribed fee shall also be charged in case of non-disclosure.

  1. Identification of the party fails when the address described on the request form or the document for identification of the party does not match the address registered at the Company
  2. Power of attorney fails to be verified upon request by the attorney
  3. Documents prescribed do not satisfy all the requirements
  4. The Company fails to identify the personal information retained at the Company by the information provide on the request form
  5. Personal information does not match the information sought for by the request for disclosure
  6. Disclosure may affect the life, body, assets, or any other rights or interests, of the party or the third party
  7. Disclosure may severely affect the smooth operations of the business by the relevant party
  8. Disclosure may violate the laws and regulations

8. Amendments

The procedures for Request for Disclosure shall be partially amended to protect personal information of the clients of the Company and to correspond to revisions of the relevant laws and regulations. The Company shall request reference to the procedures each time the request is made. Please make an inquiry to the contact described below.

9. Complaints and Inquiries

Complaints and inquiries shall be addressed to the contact for personal information described below.

Contact for Personal Information

Cerulean Tower, 26-1 Sakuragaoka-cho Shibuya, Tokyo 150-8512 JAPAN

TEL: +81-3-5489-6370 (10:00 - 19:00 (weekdays only))


Person to be Responsible for Personal Information: Akito Suzuki