Privacy Policy and Usage Agreement

GMO TECH, Inc. (hereafter, GMO TECH) collects personal information. We are, however, committed to handling it and protecting it in the following ways.

Personal Information Privacy Manager

Akito Suzuki, GMO TECH, Inc.

When and Why Personal Information is Collected

  • Personal information obtained during inquiries is needed to respond to our customer's questions
  • Personal information obtained during hiring procedures is needed to evaluate candidates
  • Personal information obtained during employment is used to hire and manage employees

Disclosure to Third Parties

Except in cases where we are required to do so legally, GMO TECH shall not disclose, divulge, nor otherwise offer over to any third party any customer personal information without the explicit consent therefrom. There may be times, however, when government legal procedures require a disclosure, and as such, to comply with the relevant laws and regulations, we may not be able to obtain customer consent prior to disclosure.

Outsourcing the Regarding Personal Information

In keeping with our business, and to provide our customers with an even better level of service, GMO TECH may occasionally outsource a part of its business operations to an external vendor and in so doing may hand over customer personal information. In this event, a vendor recognized for their ability to appropriately handle personal information shall be chosen, and the terms of our contract with said vendor will include the necessary provisions and stipulations to prevent the loss of customer personal information, through valid management of the personal information, to non-disclosure agreements.

The Ability to Opt Out

No customer is required to provide GMO TECH with personal information. Please be aware, however, that not doing so can impact our ability to serve you to the utmost.

Customer Rights Regarding Personal Information

Customers have the right to be notified with regard to how their personal information is being used. They have the right to have it disclosed, to make modifications and additions to it, to make deletions from it, to halt its use, to remove it altogether, and to request that it not be provided to any third party. Contact us as indicated below when such rights are to be exercised.

Using Access Logs and Cookies

(1) Acquiring Access Logs

This website acquires access logs as part of our efforts to improve the site's customer convenience and the overall quality level. That said, access logs never include any information that could identify an individual, such as the customer's name or address.

(2) Using Cookies

As the customer uses this website, GMO TECH may send cookies to the customer's web browser. Cookies, however, do not contain any information that could identify an individual. Cookies are primarily used to be read by our website, to enable us to provide a smoother experience when loading pages repeatedly.
Should the customer wish to block cookies, there are settings within the customer's web browser that will enable this. Please be aware, however, that blocking cookies may result in limitations on the use of the site, or in an inability to use all of the site's services.

Contact for Personal Information

Cerulean Tower, 26-1 Sakuragaoka-cho Shibuya, Tokyo 150-8512 JAPAN

TEL: +81-3-5489-6370 (10:00 - 19:00 (weekdays only))


Person to be Responsible for Personal Information: Akito Suzuki