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Message from the President to Investors

Toward Internet Marketing Company Continuously Provideing Indispensable Services Globally

Since its establishment in December 2006, our company has consistently provided services for customer acquisition via internet. We mainly engaged in search engine optimization service at the initial stage of our company. Then we started our ad-network service on smartphones called "GMO SmaAD", foreseeing that information gathering on smartphones should take a central part in internet business.
We have a company policy as below.

With “Technology Enabling the Best Performance”
We provide services committed to result with our best human-resources engineering in order to contribute to our clients much more than they expect from us.

Emphasizing “Speed” in IT industry that is rapidly changing
We are in the internet age of continuous updates and speed. With our prompt decision making and management structure, we provide our clients with the best value.

Create “Innovative” services demanded next
We create services that will be required in the near future.

Let me ask for your attention and continuous support to our company.

Akito Suzuki
President and CEO

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