Consulting for result of actual user acquisition through internet advertisement based on our know-how and knowledge in SEO.

Listing (interlocking with search) Advertisement

Search-linked, pay-per-click advertising.
It delivers advertisements directly to prospective users and is characterized by its high acquisition efficiency.

Display advertisement(YDN/GDN)

Ads can be displayed for ad placements on websites and mobile apps in various formats such as text ads, banner ads and video ads.
Advertisements will be delivered in segments according to age, gender, region and interests while actively approaching each potential group.

DSP (Demand-Side Platform)Advertisement

It is an advertising platform that maximizes advertiser profits.
The advertisements match the interests of ‘people’ rather than ‘frames’ and are delivered by real time bidding. Advertising effectiveness is continuously learning and improved by the repetition of optimization logic.
In addition to traditional banner ads, it supports various ad formats including native ads and videos.

Social Media Advertisement

A service that delivers advertisements to all popular SNS media in Japan including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Line.
We are able to take advantage of the different targeting methods unique to each SNS medium and so cover a wide range of advertising approaches.

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