Consulting for result of actual user acquisition through internet advertisement based on our know-how and knowledge in SEO.

Listing (interlocking with search) Advertisement

・Pay-Per-Click advertisement interlocking with search result.
・Dispatch advertisement to potential/interested users
・Release advertisement from low price in short period with effect measurement function

Display advertisement(YDN/GDN)

・Display text ad, image ad and video ad with plentiful formats in ad space in website and mobile application
・Dispatch various advertisement classified by age, sex, region, interest and topic.

DSP (Demand-Side Platform)Advertisement

・Shift to micro targeting to each person from group segmentation
・A wide range of targeting
・In addition to conventional banner ad, we deal with various format such as native ad network and video.

Social Media Advertisement

・Advertising service for SNS such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LINE
・Visible exposure in timeline can attract many users

Facebook High-precision targeting by user information
Twitter Easy-to-spread compared to other SNSs
Instagram Target young generation and women sensitive to trend and fashionable matter
LINE Approach more than 73 million users by advertising in timeline