Only GMOTECH providing Lumar, the cutting edge technical SEO tool from UK, as the exclusive partner in Japan


Lumar is a tool focusing on technical SEO measures and enables us to find out issues on technical SEO automatically with its powerful crawler.

  • Easily & quickly see 250+ metrics for technical SEO
    Lumar helps you understand the issue of your website thoroughly, saves up your time to monitor manually and helps your SEO experts use their time on measures more.
  • Crawl even websites with JavaScript
    Lumar can implement JavaScript like the latest search engines with JavaScript rendering function and this enables you to monitor whether or not your JavaScript causes any trouble on your SEO.
  • Deal with plunge of organic traffic efficiently
    Storing up the past crawl data of your site with regular crawls enables you to find out the causes when you see sudden decrease of organic traffic in your website.

* Japanese page only