Job Advertisements

Operates advertisements on employment search engines which increases the number of applicants who are job-seekers.

Operates advertisements on job search engines

We handle advertisements on popular job search engines including Indeed, Standby and Job Box. We support the increase of registered members for a wide range of companies including general hiring companies, dispatch companies and media management recruitment companies.
  • Possession of abundant data volume and operational knowledge as a long-established agency of job search engines
    We can maximize the number of applications while making full use of our enormous account record and synergies with the SEM area. Our focus on the operation agency of job search engines long precedes the establishment of companies such as Indeed Japan and so our wealth of data is second to none.
  • Consultation by dedicated operation staff
    Direct tuning by a dedicated HR specialist.
    In addition to daily bid adjustments, we are able to promptly detect and accommodate changes in fluid market conditions. This is reflected in advertising design which aims to maximize the number of applications while minimizing the loss of opportunity.
    Achieves advertisement distribution that aligns with job-seekers?
GMO JOBBI reporting platform specific to ads operation of job search engines
We have abolished Excel and PDF reports and have made all reports available online.
The report data can be viewed freely account holders after logging in. Accounts are available exclusively for advertisers.
Furthermore, direct contact between the dedicated director and the advertiser is made possible by utilizing the bulletin board function.
This function maximizes the sense of speed from requests to implementation as well as being an effective communication measure, minimizing the likelihood of communication errors.
Feed Dash! By GMO completely in-sourcing data feed operation
We can provide you with the construction of data feeds important for the advertising operation of job search engines.
Taking into consideration the differences of individual advertisers, the director of operations will perform custom mapping from scratch.
There will be a dedicated engineer in charge of output and developing a highly expandable data feed.
Since all processes are manufactured in-house, it can be mounted in the shortest delivery time.
*Data feed development is not limited to job search engines

* Japanese page only

Google for Jobs
Uploading job information is made easy without the need for complicated system understanding. By simply embedding a tag in the job site, advertisers are able to upload and update job information with minimal effort while structured data is automatically output.

* Japanese page only

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